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Monarch Counseling and Healing Center

Providing Mental Health Support for children and families.

Our clinicians are trained to help with even the most complex situations. 

There is hope and help for your family! 

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Helping Individuals With Their Mental Health Struggles

Managing mental health struggles can be tough, most especially for the younger ones and their families. It can prevent enjoying even the little things in life. 

Give yourself or your loved one the help they need by reaching out to Monarch Counseling and Healing Center

We provide a wide range of mental health therapy and counseling services to address all their needs.

Our team is specifically trained and skilled in treating the effects of severe abuse and neglect. Through zoom meetings, we are able to provide tele-help for kids. 

Rest assured that we’ll guide your little ones every step of the way until things get better.

We also help teens and adults with their mental health concerns

Get in touch to learn more.

Why Monarch? 

  • 2 locations to serve you
  • Understanding and training in complex family issues
  • Specialized training for child therapy

  • Ability to make recommendations 
  • DCFS and Post-Adoption Contracts 
  • EMDR certified
  • Work with your treatment team

Functional Family Therapy 

Functional Family Therapy (FFT) is a family-based prevention and intervention program for high-risk youth that addresses complex and multidimensional problems through clinical practice that is flexibly structured and culturally sensitive.

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